Work in Progress: 2015 Projects

Why is my library torn up and other questions
you may ask in 2015.

Heating &Air       Parking Lot & Sidewalks       Carpeting & Flooring       Project Timelines & Maps

We were thrilled to receive funding in 2014 for several large projects needed at the Library. We want to make sure to keep you updated on this work so that you will know what to expect when you visit the library, understand why it is necessary, and (if you are interested) how it is funded.

Look for updates throughout the Library, on Facebook, and on this webpage. 


Heating and Air Conditioning Project

Funding Source:   $1,000,000 bond approved by the City Council and the County Council
Estimated Cost:    $500,000
Contractor:          Ellis Mechanical (Chosen via formal bid process)
Engineer:             Durkin & Villarta Partners Engineering

Why is it needed?

The existing HVAC system at GPL is a mix of components from each of the last two remodels of the building. Some components are substantially past their lifespan and parts are no longer manufactured for their repair, and the newest components are 13 years old. In addition it is a 100% electric system with a proprietary control system. These two factors make it quite expensive to run and maintain. In 2014, GPL spent $111,883 on electricity.  Our new system is a conservative one designed by LEED certified engineers to give us a hybrid gas and electric system. It is estimated that the new system will save us $35,000 per year in operating costs.

What you will notice

The work on this project will begin in February as our attic is better insulated. By March 1st you’ll begin to see work happening in public spaces around the building. The most noticeable will be the demolition of ceiling areas as they work to install new heating lines. Ceilings may remain open for a time as this work is done. Heaters under windows will also be replaced with a more fuel efficient version. The noisiest work of drilling through concrete will likely be reserved for times when we are closed, but this will be a disruptive project. We will work to keep you updated on our website timeline.

Parking Lot and Sidewalks Project

      Funding Source:   RDC Collaborative Project
      Estimated Cost:    Total project (including lift station replacement) Not to exceed $310,000
      Contractor:          To be determined by bid process
      Engineer:             Schmidt and Associates
      Timeline:             To be determined, approximately April to June

Why is it needed?

You’ve heard the phrase “our patches have patches?” In 2013 we repaired portions of the parking lot where serious cracking had occurred. We have also made repairs over the last several years to the sidewalks to maintain safety. Both the sidewalks and parking lot would have continued to incur substantial repair costs as they continue to degrade. In order to keep a safe parking lot for the public both who visit our building and who use our parking lot for city functions, engineers determined that a major upgrade. Not all of the lot will be completely torn out, some will be resurfaced if the underlayment is still solid. 

What you will notice

Of the projects this year, this will be the most disruptive for our patrons. Our goal is to stay open through the entire process but we are still working out how that will happen. There will be weeks when all visitors must park on the west side of the building, and we may have to use some of our emergency exits as our main entrances during parts of this project as they replace sidewalks directly in front of our main doors. Once the actual dates for the project are set, we will update the project website and timeline and also keep you updated on social media throughout the project. 

Carpeting and Flooring Project

         Funding Source:   $1,000,000 bond approved by the City and County Councils
         Estimated Cost:    To be determined.  This is the last project on our list for bond funds.
         Contractor:           To be determined by bid process.
         Timeline:              To be determined, possibly August or September

Why is it needed?

The carpet you see in most of the library is 14 years old. We are fortunate that it has worn as well as it has and we have worked hard to keep it clean and in good repair. However, it is worn and needs to be replaced, especially in high traffic areas. Our goal is to replace flooring in the entire building (minus a few areas we already replaced after flooding in 2013 and 2014). 

What you will notice

In order to re-carpet the library, hundreds of shelves must be moved, offices must be emptied, and access to our resources will be impacted. Our goal is to phase this project in such a way that we would still be open and we will work hard to maintain access to as many services as possible through that time. It is possible that we might have a short time when we must close. Since this is the last project on our list of bond projects, we must wait until all other bond projects are finished before determining the size and timing of this project.