Using Your Library

Types of Cards

Evergreen Cards

Evergreen Indiana library cards are issued to community members living within the Greenwood Public Library taxing district (click here to view a map of the GPL taxing district).  This card allows residents access to the greater Evergreen consortium and eBooks and eAudiobooks available through Overdrive.  Evergreen Indiana is an ever-growing consortium of 100+ public libraries located throughout Indiana.  Evergreen Indiana library card holders can view the catalogs and borrow materials from other member libraries providing access to over 6.6 million items.


Non-Resident Cards

The Greenwood Public Library offers non-resident cards for a fee to those living outside the Library's taxing district.  This card allows non-residents the same access to services that a Greenwood city resident has, by paying an amount equal to what the average person pays in property taxes to GPL each year.  In addition to checking out materials at Greenwood Public Library, this card provides access to any of our subscriptions and free databases.  This includes access to our digital library of eBooks and audiobooks through OverDrive.  Materials may also be obtained from other Evergreen libraries. 

A non-resident card is good for one year from the date of purchase, and can be renewed by paying the yearly fee.  The fee for non-resident cards is re-evaluated annually.


Public Library Access Cards (PLAC)

Greenwood Public Library can issue Public Library Access Cards that enable cardholders to use any library in Indiana.  Individuals must be a resident of Indiana to purchase a PLAC card and be in good standing at their home library.  The statewide fee is set annually by state law and announced by the Indiana State Library.  The current cost for a PLAC card is $50 and is good for one year from the date of purchase.  PLAC is Indiana's statewide public library borrowing card which allows individuals to borrow directly from any public library outside their home library district.


Student/Teacher Cards:  

Students and teachers who live outside the Greenwood Public Library's taxing district, but attend or are employed by a school that is located in GPL's taxing district may register for a library card.  Students will need to show proof of enrollment in the form of a current school ID, report card for the current academic year, the student's current class schedule, etc.  School teachers who are employed at a school within GPL's library taxing district will need to present a current faculty ID, a recent check stub, current class schedule with their name listed, etc in order to register for a card.  Student/teacher cards expire at the end of each academic year, but may be renewed the following year with proper proof of enrollment/employment.  Student/teacher cards provide access to the collection at Greenwood Public Library.