Using Your Library

Get a Card

A Greenwood Public Library card can be obtained by anyone who resides or owns property in the Greenwood Public Library taxing district.  Those outside of the Greenwood Public Library taxing district have the option to purchase either a Non-Resident card or a Public Library Access Card (PLAC).

Registering for a library card is a quick and easy process.  In order to acquire a card, residents need to:

  • Live in the Greenwood Public Library's taxing district
  • Show photo ID and proof of current address

 Accepted Forms of Identification*

  • Valid Indiana Drivers License
  • Valid Indiana State Identification Card 
  • Valid current university or college identification
  • Valid identification issue by another state
    (ex: Driver's License)
  • Valid U.S. Government issued identification (ex: passport, military ID, permanent resident card issue
    by Department of Homeland Security or Immigration Services)

*must have photo ID

 Verification of Address

If your current address is not listed on your photo identification, please bring one of the following current* documents:

  • Computer generate bank statement, utility bill, credit card statement, doctor or hospital bill, Medicare or Medicaid benefit statement issued in the applicant's name within the last 60 days
  • Valid voter's registration card 
  • Property tax receipt/deed/lease
  • Change of address confirmation from the United States Post Office showing both prior and current address (a PO Box is not acceptable as a residence address)

*current implies within the last 60 days

Minor Cards

Residents age 17 and under may register for a library card with a parent or guardian's signature on the library card registration form. In order to obtain a minor card, both parent and child must be present. The parent or legal guardian who signs the form is responsible for any overdue, lost, or damaged materials. If the parent or guardian has fines of $10 or above on his or her account, or is responsible for cards of other minors with fines above the fine threshold, no additional cards will be issued or renewed until all fines are paid, or fines are reduced to less than $10.