Below is a listing of Greenwood-area tutors for additional homework help or test preparation needs.  Please be sure to contact each tutor for pricing.

Dyslexia Institute of Indiana
Subjects: language and reading for individuals with Dyslexia, math; specializing in multi-sensory instruction
Grade Levels: Pre-kindergarten to adult
Contact: (317) 222-6635 | |

Indy Elite Tutoring
Subjects: reading, writing, computer applications, study skills, SAT, ACT, GED, ISTEP, academic research and writing, educational consulting, and editing
Grade Levels: 5th grade through graduate level
Contact: (317) 504-5418 | |

Learning Matters Indy
Subjects: reading and writing, math, time management and study skills, test preperation
Grade Levels: Pre-kindergarten to adult
Contact: (317) 431-5486 | |

Midwest Language Services, LLC
Subjects: English as a Second Language, writing, pronunciation, grammar
Grade Levels: elementary to adult
Contact: (317) 884-3122 | |

Candy Allen
Subjects: reading and writing, math up to algebra, basic science, GED and ASVAB preparation
Grade Levels: 5th grade to undergraduate college
Contact: (317) 294-0797 or (317) 738-9721 |

Kristen Biehl
Subjects: English language arts, communications, theater arts, senior projects
Grade Levels: 6th to 12th grades
Contact: (734) 277-4841 | |

Amber Hudson
Subjects: studio art (painting, drawing, and mixed media)
Grade Levels: all
Contact: (812) 525-5513 |

Sara Marot
Subjects: reading and writing
Grade Levels: Pre-kindergarten to 12th grade
Contact: (317) 414-7409 |

Carlos A. Sanchez
Subjects: math, Spanish
Grade Levels: Math-6th to 12th grade, Spanish-All grades
Contact: (317) 748-2405 |

Adriana Scarpatti
Subjects: Spanish
Grade Levels: All
Contact: (317) 603-0513 |

Diane Michele Smith

Subjects: French
Grade Levels: Beginning to intermediate
Contact: (317) 201-4836 |

If you are a tutor that works in the Greenwood area and would like to be considered for this list, please complete this web form.

Last updated 12/11/2014